John and Melinda watch on at nature festival.

Vale (farewell) John Hansen

It is difficult to under-estimate the loss to the Tennyson Dunes Group (TDG) when one of our members, John Hansen, passed away on 11 June 2024. John, and his wife, Melinda Wild, joined the TDG just a short time ago, in December 2022. However, in just that little time, John had become one of the most valuable members of the TDG, who dedicated his time in helping preserve the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve.

Whether it was participating at the regular planned TDG workdays, helping raise the natives at the Valerie Wales Community Coastal Nursery in Henley Beach, or planting natives and weeding in the Reserve, John contributed many hours of excellent work.  But even more so, John also participated in the other activities, such as restoring the deteriorated viewing platform in the Reserve. Without John’s help, stripping and painting the platform would have been difficult to complete.  Besides attending the TDG’s regular educational meetings, John also contributed his time to the very successful  Open Day 2023 for the Reserve.

Our deepest condolences go to John’s wife, Melinda Wild, who has also been an excellent contributor to the TDG.

Vale John, we are missing you, already.  

The Tennyson Dunes Group

John and Melinda watch on at nature festival.

John and Melinda listening to the speakers at Open Day 2023.

John kneeling to scrape paint off the platform path.

John scrapping old paint off of the viewing platform.

First paint layer being inspected by John Harper.
Two people surrounded by buckets for paint fixing.

John checking for any missed spots for the first coat of paint on the viewing platform.

John Hansen and Jenna Draper scrapping off old paint on the viewing platform.

John and Melinda look on as Matt Endacott has just finished arranging the plants raised by TDG for the 2023 open day.

John stands on the right of the front group, ready for a dunes tour.

John participating in the tour by Victor Gosin during the open day, October 2023.

Photo and Text Credit: Bob Finder

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