Tennyson Inspired

Tennyson Inspired

State Heritage Application

The Tennyson Dunes Group have recently applied to the South Australian Heritage Council to list the Tennyson Dunes on the State Heritage Register.

This has been a joint application with the Coastal Ecology Protection Group, the Western Adelaide Coastal Residents Association, Semaphore Park Coastcare, West Lakes Kiwanis and the City of Charles Sturt.

We believe it qualifies for listing based on its natural history value, particularly its geomorphological significance. Advice from Professor Vic Semeniuk, a coastal wetlands specialist, indicates that it is one of only six barrier dunes of its type in Australia. This alone warrants its protection as a place of heritage signficance. However, there are also other aspects that we feel are also important. Our full application can be viewed here (1.3Mb).

Watch this space for updates on the outcome of the application.

Tennyson Inspired

Many artists and writers have been inspired by the coastal ecosystems of Adelaide, not least of all by the Tennyson Dunes.

Here we present some artistic pieces that have appealed to us.

Bush Regenerators Podcast

Bushland enthusiast, Liam Crook, recently interviewed Nick Crouch from the Tennyson Dunes Group about the work we do. Listen to it here.

Dragons by the Sea

Artist, author, conservationist and long time member of the Tennyson Dunes Group, Mel Rees, wrote Dragons by the Sea in 2007, which won the City of Charles Sturt’s Local Treasure Writing Competition, Young Writers section.

West Beach Dunes

Jill Clark, Belair based artist, completed this painting of the West Beach dunes in 2003 as a gift for her ill sister Anne Qastina Crouch.

Sand in my Veins

This short documentary was produced by Tennyson Dunes Group member, Nicholas Crouch, to highlight the value of the Tennyson Dunes and the threats they face. For more information about Sand in my Veins click here.


Do you know of any artistic works inspired by Tennyson Dunes or another part of the local coast? Perhaps you yourself are inspired to create something.

We would love to hear about any artists or artworks you think should be featured here. Please contact us.