Linear Park Stage 1 Submission

The South Australian Government propose to construct a Linear Park both north and south of the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve. Stage 1 looks at the northern end, linking the Conservation Reserve to Semaphore Park. More about this project can be seen here.

The Tennyson Dunes Group support the idea to link with northern coastal trails and the location of the proposed path (ie not in the dunes). However, we see the potential to improve the design. Instead of a wide, straight concrete path we would rather see a meandering ecologically sensitive trail such as already exists within the Conservation Reserve (the Tennyson Dunes Discovery Trail).

By incorporating these aspects in the design, the trail would achieve multiple benefits:

  • help to protect the biological corridor for animal and plant movement
  • provide a fantastic opportunity for environmental education
  • serve to thematically link the Conservation Reserve with the northern dunes

We encourage you to read our full submission.

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