Tennyson Dunes

Comment on the Tennyson Dunes Coast Park Proposal

Help us protect the Tennyson Dunes by commenting on the government's current proposal to build a shared use path through the dunes.

Submissions close April 8 and can be made online here or via email. We acknowledge and appreciate that the consultants have incorporated several elements supported by the Tennyson Dunes Group, however, the current proposal is still flawed and require a number of changes to adequately protect the dunes. It is too fast, too wide and too hard.

We want the Tennyson Dunes to have a discovery trail that enables people to learn about the dunes' unique, fragile plants and animals, while at the same time protecting the environment they inhabit. When making your submission, we ask that you please consider our thoughts below:

  • The path is designed for too much speed. It should have a natural feel and avoid over-engineering. It should encourage a walking pace speed and support learning about the dunes. The project should also consider the link with the proposed interpretive center next to Military road.
  • The path in the Tennyson conservation reserve must be a discovery trail, not a road and not a bike way. The focus should be on what can be done with a maximum 1.8m width (including shoulders) and not more than 2.5m in a reduced number of passing points (where native vegetation is already irreparably damaged). Meandering and existing vegetation should be seen as a way to encourage a reduced speed.
  • The proposed subsurface is effectively a road base, damaging to roots and creating extensive edge effect. The path surface, base and construction should be reconsidered to have a lower impact and be more permeable.
  • When looking at the path's proposed route, we've only considered what's best for the dune ecology. Our prefered route is A, B, D, F, G, H, J, K, N, Q, R, S, U, W, X, Y, Aa, Dd, Ff, Hh, Ll. We also support closing the existing trail at E.

The Tennyson Dunes Group's full submission can be viewed here.

20th Anniversary Celebrations

Last year, the Tennyson Dunes Group celebrated 20 years of volunteering to protect the Dunes.

In this time, we have:

  • eradicated several weed species, including African Boxthorn and Marguerite Daisy
  • restored wildlife habitat for animals like the Bitterbush Blue Butterfly
  • held numerous Open Days, the last boasting a crowd of over 300 people
  • assisted school groups to revegetate the dunes, and
  • encouraged better protection for this fragile ecosystem

Tennyson Dunes

The Tennyson Dunes are 22 hectares of coastal dunes with natural grass and shrub land being the last true remnant of the Adelaide metropolitan coastal plains. It is a coastal conservation reserve 12 kilometres north-west of the city near the locally historic Estcourt House. It displays a large diversity of flora with the presence of rare and regionally significant plants, bird life, reptiles and invertebrates, making it a truly unique area as an island in an urban area.

The dune's resilience is being tested with many competing factors and the Tennyson Dunes Group, a dedicated volunteer conservation group, has a prime objective to provide a safe sanctuary for all the flora and fauna and improve and share this valuable asset with the community.

This website has been produced by the Group to assist in raising the importance of the dunes for its natural values, as well as its heritage and educational significance.


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