Tennyson Dunes

Contact Us

Contact Nick Crouch or Val Wales at the Tennyson Dunes Group via:

Email - info@tennyson.org.au

Phone - 8372 6887

Facebook - TennysonDunesGroup

Twitter - @TennysonDunes

The City of Charles Sturt's Coastal Officer can be contacted via:

Email - Kelly Mader - kmader@charlessturt.sa.gov.au

Phone - 8408 1208

Other Local Community Groups

The Tennyson Dunes Group works closely with a number of other local community groups:

Semaphore Park Coastcare

Contact Val Wales at val_ray@internode.on.net.

West Lakes Kiwanis

Contact Brian Mason at brianantonymason@bigpond.com.

Coastal Ecology Protection Group

Contact Judy Packer at cepg.inc@internode.on.net. Check out their website.

Western Adelaide Coastal Residents Association

Contact Jim Douglas at jdouglas@chariot.com.au. Check out their website.

Friends of the Patwalonga Creek

Contact Andrew Winkler at littoral@chariot.net.au. Check out their website.

Friends of Gulf St Vincent

Contact Elizabeth McLeay at lizmc@adam.com.au. Check out their website.